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Surgical Instructions

It is important to us that our patients are informed during every step of their treatment so that they are well prepared and have the chance to ask questions. The following information is a starting point for researching your procedure and should assist you in developing a list of questions to ask during your consultation.

  • There should be no vigorous rinsing for 12-24 hours. You may drink plenty of liquids, but avoid using a straw, as it will draw the blood clot out. You should also avoid any alcoholic beverages after.
  • Use the gauze that was given to you by the assistant for the first 1 1/2 hours. Changing it every 15 mintues or until the bleeding has stopped. Make sure you maintain a constant pressure on the wound to help form a healthy clot.
  • The day after you may rinse gently with a solution of warm salt water. Continue for at least one week, as many times as possible through the day.
  • Take any medication as directed by your dentist, until gone.
  • Use extra gauze pads if oozing or bleeding continues. Pressure is needed to control hemmorrhaging. If you have used all the gauze that was given to you, then you can use a moist tea bag in the same way. It doesn't matter what kind of tea.
  • No smokimg for at least the first 24 hrs. (If you must smoke, place a piece of gauze over the extraction site)
  • A small amount of blood in the saliva is normal, however continuous profuse bleeding is not normal.
  • Please notify this office if you are concerned. (315) 458-3775,
  • Emergency calls only: 635-7975

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